Home Managment

manage the home well so you have more time for the moments that matter

Here you will find ideas for helping you figure out things like cleaning routines, chores systems, decluttering, and things  that will allow you to maintain and manage your home well.  


Here you will find several ideas to help you streamline your meal planning and preperation. You will find tips for freezer cooking and easy crock pot meals that will free you up to get back to enjoying meal time instead of dreading it. 

This is my favorite category because I am a organization junkie. Here you will find tips on how to organize things in your home from small things like the family diaper bag all the way to how to organize your kids toys and wardrobe. 

Most mom’s are regularly looking for ways to save a little money from time to time and whether that is $5 or $500 here you can find some very easy to implement tools and systems that will help you do just that. 



The benefits of implementing large family strategies into your home even when you might not be a large family is tremendous. Check out how our family and many others manage the day to day challenges in life that will help you streamline processes and create systems that will work for your family.

The bible calls all of us to practice hospitality but I think in today’s day and age we have made that a lot harder then it needs to be. We don’t need fancy homes and place settings to open our homes to others. In this section we are going to share practical tips for helping you open your home and your hearts regularly in a way that puts the focus on relationships vs logistics. 

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