So Excited To Have You Join Us!

Last year I set out to read the Bible daily with my friends and I thought it would be fun to invite you all to join us so I started making monthly Bible reading plans.

Well this year I want to continue that and hopefully encourage you to be in God’s word  daily too. If you caught my goals video for 2022 you heard about how this year I want to do better about digging deep into God’s word and to invest in my relationship with God. With that goal in mind I wanted to adapt our Bible reading plans to reflect that goal. So this year we will be alternating between studying a book of the Bible for the month and doing a topical study. The topical studies at least for the first 6 months will all center on relationships so we can learn more about what God’s word says when it comes to how we should be entering into relationship with one another. 

For the digging deeper months I want to encourage you to go as deep as you can. For some that may mean just simply following the Bible reading schedule and for others it may mean pulling out commentaries, concordances, and listening to sermons on the passage etc. The goal is to go deeper then you have in the past so you decide how you are going to do that. I have created a digging deeper guide that you can use along side the reading plan that will help you learn a little more about how to dig deeper and if you want a more in depth look into how to study the Bible I would highly recommend reading Women Of The Word by Jen Wilkin  

January -
Digging Deep Into Philippians

In January we are going to Dive Deep into Philippians. I am so excited about this as Philippians is one of my favorite books of the Bible. 

You can find the Bible reading plan down below and the digging deeper worksheet up above. The idea here is to read and re read the book multiple times in one month as we can gain so much more from the Bible through repeatedly reading it. So we are going to begin and end the month with reading the whole book from beginning to end at least three times. I would encourage you to at least one of these times read it in one setting because this is a letter and wasn’t divided into chapter and sections to begin with. Feel free to read it every day if you want or to read it in one sitting on day one and to divide it into smaller chunks for the rest of the week. But then in weeks 2 and 3 we will go in much smaller sections so you can dig deeper.