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  • Build Healthy Habits: Learn practices that foster physical health and spiritual well-being.
  • Strengthen Family Bonds: Engage in activities that bring your family together.
  • Free Resources: Gain access to high-quality videos, devotional materials, and supportive tools at no cost.

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Join us NOW for a transformative journey designed to energize, nourish, and rejuvenate your family. Inspired by the incredible resources from F.O.R.M.’s curriculum, this challenge is perfect for families looking to embrace a healthy lifestyle together. Sign up now and get ready to:

Week 1: Movement Challenge 馃弮鈥嶁檪锔

Dive into our specially curated movement videos and complete 3-4 workouts per week, including:

  • Warm-ups to get you started
  • Cooldowns to help you recover
  • Four diverse workouts to keep you engaged

Reflect on the divine strength with our weekly devotional focused on Genesis 26-28, exploring how physical fitness aligns with God’s plan for stewardship and vitality.

Week 2: Nutrition Challenge 馃

Track your meals with a focus on balanced nutrition. We’ll provide:

  • Video guides to explain the importance of each food category
  • A downloadable PDF to help you plan and record your meals

Dive deeper with a devotional inspired by Daniel 1:12-15, encouraging thoughtful eating habits that honor your body and faith.

Week 3: Sleep Challenge 馃槾

Monitor and adjust your family鈥檚 sleep patterns with a sleep journal to ensure everyone is well-rested:

  • Record bedtime routines
  • Calculate total sleep hours
  • Learn about the importance of rest through scriptural insights from Matthew 11:28-30

Discover how rest is not only a physical necessity but also a spiritual command to refresh and renew.

馃尶 Reflect, Discuss, and Grow 馃尶 Each week features guided reflections and discussion prompts to engage with your family and deepen your understanding of how these elements contribute to a healthy, faithful life.

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