We have absolutely loved using Morning Menus in our homeschool and I have had so much fun creating new printable for our menus over this past year.

I have actually made so many printables, I thought it might be fun to have a place to share all of them with you. Below you will find several that you can download to use in your own morning menus or just use in another way in your school. 

Prayer Cards

Prayer pages that will help you and your family pray for different areas of the persecuted church. There are over a dozen prayer sheets available and more are being added each month.

Bible Verses (ESV)

I have taken several Bible verses and put them in this special format that allows your child to have both the text as well as picture prompts that will help them memorize several passages. 

Feelings & Truth

Apologia House Of Truth

Homeschool Reminders

Creeds/Confessions/Lords Prayer/
10 Commandments

Here you will find a wide variety of picture printables that can help your children memorize important foundations of the faith.

Today Is:


There are 6 color options included in this PDF that you can choose from. I personally have found it easier to only change covers once a year. 

Prayer Cards For Kids

I made these originally with the intention of printing them and cutting them apart but the truth is they could also be be printed and used in menus as well. 

If you want to see how we use these check out the video over here.