Coping Skills For Kids

The Coping Skills Cards

Teaching our kids how to deal with big emotions by equipping them with healthy coping skills  is such an important life skill. 

My prayer is that this FREE printable will help you walk your kids through many different skills they can place in their emotional regulation tool box. 

Few Tips For Using These Cards

  • To print a copy for a three ring binder simply press print and you will get one card per sheet. Placing these larger cards in sleeve protectors will allow you to easily show and discuss these skills with multiple kids at a time. 
  • To get flash card size go to your printer setting and select print 4 or 6 pages to a page. This will allow you to have a more portable set. 
  • You can always laminate and hole punch the set and place it on a ring for easier use or use an index card box to store your set. 
  • Reference the Card Key in the printable to see a description of each coping skill. 
  • Introduce 1-2 skill cards a week to your children. Talk about what they think the card is reminding them of, when might they use that coping skill, and ask if they have ideas of how to fit these into their day. 

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