How To Name Your Homeschool

Why Name Your Homeschool?

  • Some states require you to name your homeschool by law
  • It can create a sense of bonding and family togetherness 
  • It can give you something more official to put on your diploma, applications, or even student ID’s 
  • It can be something fun you do together

How To Pick A Name?

Check out this video to learn how to pick the right name for you and your family. ​

Click the button below to download your free printable guide for choosing a good homeschool name for your family. 

Questions To Ask Before Picking A Name?

  • Does your state have any regulations when it comes to homeschool names? 
  • Would you want that name on your college transcript or high school diploma?
  • Is this a name you will grow out of?
  • Does the name include anything copyrighted or have a possible undesired meaning?

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