Meal Systems

In this video I am sharing how our breakfast station has changed our mornings for the better and with just a few easy steps.

 Tips to on how to make your lunch time run smoother so you can start enjoying your break instead of dreading the homeschool interruption.

Here is your 4 step guide for putting your meal plan on autopilot so you can quickly and easily plan your meals and decreases on the amount of decisions that need to be made each week.

I am going to share with you how as a busy homeschool mom of +6 I took the basic principles of freezer cooking and made it more manageable to squeeze into our busy life. So come along as I share some of my favorite recipes and tips for batch cooking. Double your efforts without doubling your time.

I am sharing our system for making snack time easier. It takes all the questions out of snack time and simplifies your life so you can get back to enjoying this time with your kids.

Homeschool Systems

In our homeschool I only lesson plan ONCE a month! I know many of you have asked how does this work and so I thought I would take you along with me as I plan out the month of May for my kids.

Now more then ever more parents are having to balance work life and homeschooling and it can feel overwhelming to say the least but I am here to tell you it can be done. Today I have invited 4 other mom’s to help me in sharing their #1 tip for making this mix of work and teaching successful.

As Homeschool moms we plan for the good days but do you have a plan for the bad days? Today I am sharing with you a homeschool hack that will change your school year for the better and the best part is it is FREE!

Organizing & setting up Story of the World doesn’t have to be complicated but it can at times be overwhelming. Todays video is going to give you some really practical tips of how to set up and plan out your year with one of my favorite History curriculums.

Take a tour of my homeschool space and grab some tips along the way on how you can make the space you have already work for you. No need to have a Instagram worthy classroom it just takes a little strategy and creativity to work with what you have.

So you may think the idea of year round school is pretty straight forward but truly there are many variations to this concept and today I am going to share with you what our year round school routine looks like, give you ideas of other ways to do it, and will lay out the benefits of making the switch.

Cleaning & Chores Systems

An easy chore system for when your kids are young and need visual reminders. 

 I am sharing some really important secrets that you can use as you set up ANY kind of chore system as we get into the nitty gritty of why we do what we do. I am also sharing some of the things I have struggled with in setting up chore systems in the past.

If your kids are to the age and stage that your ready to start transitioning the responsibility of laundry to them then this video is for you. We are talking about what our new system is, why we changed, some of the logistics that was involved in rolling out this new system, and finally I will be sharing some tips for you if this is something you might like to implement in your home.

Join me as I not only tell you about our laundry system but also show you exactly what it looks like for us on a daily basis. There is something for everyone regardless of your family size.

This is a great system for beginning to get your kids involved in laundry. 

Are you overwhelmed by trying to manage homeschooling, home management, and all your other responsibilities? Have you tried dividing up all your work among the week only to find it never getting done? Today I am sharing about our home reset day and how we have managed to find time to manage these things (not perfectly) discovering a greater balance in life.

As a large homeschooling family it is always tricky to balance the house management and all the other responsibilities of a mom. Sometimes I just wish someone could break it down for me and give me easy to follow steps and then I stumbled across this system and fell in love.

Reducing Paper Clutter Systems

Do you have stacks of papers waiting to be addressed? If you have bills to pay, invites to rsvp too, appointments to schedule, and forms to fill out but you don’t have a system to deal with it all in a timely manner then I suggest checking out using a tickler file system its very easy to set it up and even easier to use.

How do you store and manage all of those important papers in your family? An Emergency Binder is the answer and while it can take a little bit of time to put it together I promise it will be worth it. Today I am going to show you how we have set up our emergency binder in a way that makes all your important papers secure and easy to find.

Having a household binder system is an essential in my opinion as it allows you to keep all the essentials for running a home in one convenient easy o find spot. Today we will look at what a household binder is, what supplies you need, and what kinds of things you can put in it.

Other Fun Systems

Storing kids clothes, knowing how much to store and what to keep, and simplifying your life by storing like items together in themed buckets is just a few of the things that I am sharing about in todays video.

As a homeschool mom I have a bit of a book problem and while I have no desire to resolve my love of buying books I do find myself looking for better ways to keep track of and organize them and that is where todays video comes in. I am excited to share with you how we catalog our library so I always have access to what books I have and don’t have. It has saved me time, money, and many headaches.

Are you overwhelmed with the picture books scattered through out your house? Are you tired of reading the same 12 books to your kids? Do you want to be more organized but cringe at the thought of where to start? Then this video will hopefully be helpful for you. As a busy homeschool mom of 6 kids I very much understand the problem we face and after many different tries I have finally found what works best for us and today I am sharing it with you in hopes it might help you decide what might work best for your home too.

Being the mom of a big family is such a blessing but it can also be hectic and a bit chaotic. I have to keep track of everyone’s schedule, plan the meals, write the shopping lists, oh yeah and try to keep track of the cute little things my kids do or say because one day I know I will miss these crazy moments. Well as you can imagine this is a lot of work and I can use all the help I can get and this is where the Cozi app comes into play. We have been using this FREE app for 5 years on and off (find out why the “off” season in the video) and I am in love.

Are you trying to boost productivity in your home? Have you considered adding theme days to your routine? Increasing productivity through “Theme days” is the idea of grouping like tasks and responsibilities and assigning those tasks to specific days to help you get more done and keep you on task.

Shopping with kids can be fun and challenging. Today I want to invite you to join us on our latest trip to Sam’s Club as I share 10 tips for making your shopping trips more fun and manageable.