Homeschooling Preschool

What They Really Need To Know

In this day an age parents have more pressure on them then ever to make sure their children are prepared for the academic work load that they will be hit with as they begin Kindergarten. As homeschoolers we have a great advantage of not having to conform to these rigorous standards and instead can focus on the developmentally appropriate skills needed for our kids to succeed.

In the video below I share an important distinction that we as parents need to keep in mind and that is the difference between FORMAL INSTRUCTION and EXPOSURE to educational things. Our job as parents is to expose our kids to as many wonderful resources and pieces of information as possible as many times as we can.

Fun Activities For Your Preschooler

Need some fun board games to play with your littlest students? Then check out this fun video that will give you a bunch of fun ideas. These games will engage their minds and teach them great skills they can use in the future. 

The dollar tree can be a great resource when it comes to homeschooling preschool. On this video I shared 10 things you can grab at your local dollar tree and how you can use these items to work with your littlest students. 

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